Why didn’t they suggest Bazi?


18 Mar Why didn’t they suggest Bazi?

David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding (can someone explain the “with” part to me?) recently listed their choices for Worst energy drinks, gels and shots on Yahoo Health. They also presented what they considered healthy alternatives for each of the categories.

I have no argument with all of the choices for Worst; all choices are stellar examples of why our country’s health is failing at alarming rates and at younger ages. There simply is nothing redeeming about any of those products.
Over 300 mg of caffeine per serving in this product.  Wow!
There is one exception, however, and that is the Clif Razz Energy Gel Shot. As a cyclist I use gels while out on rides, as do runners and most endurance athletes who use them as energy sources for working muscles. In that context gels are great products. As an energy product to simply ingest because one is tired, yeah, it would suck. I guess I never looked at it as an energy product in that manner and how other folks may use them.
Where was I? Oh, yes, the suggested alternative products are either loaded with caffeine or still are only slightly healthier than the worst choice. One alternative contains 240 mg of caffeine. That’s healthy?   “Rockstar’s Recovery is as fine as any energy drink on the market.” Bazi isn’t a beverage, but it certainly is a heap better than Rockstar Recovery. Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not slamming the author(s) on the spirit of the article. They certainly are helpful when it comes to enlightening consumers on the evils of energy products. I think they may be just a bit myopic when they recommend alternatives.
Which leads me to ask why didn’t they list Bazi as the healthy alternative to nearly every single one of their submissions? If the user needs energy without the risk, side effects, calories or impending crash, Bazi isn’t simply a choice, it’s THE choice. Need a recovery product? Bazi’s nutrient-dense formulation supports optimal recovery from intense exercise. Need something to get you through the day? Bazi is there. Need a product that you can use and not worry about side effects or exacerbating existing health condition? Bazi!
I asked all of you to let Dr Oz know that Bazi is the best safe and healthy alternative to energy products, and now I’m asking you to let David/Matt/someone at Yahoo/Men’s Health know the same.
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