BAZI is the only ALL NATURAL ENERGY drink with 8 Superfruits available anywhere - BUY NOW!


What is Bazi All Natural Energy Shot?

Bazi is a 2.5-ounce blend of 8 incredible super-fruits, combined with Ribose to create the perfect combination of natural energizing antioxidatns and powerful nutrients in one simple drink.

There are no artificial colors or flavors in Bazi.  Everything you taste and everything you see in Bazi is a result of the different fruits and natural ingredients that make Bazi such a powerful natural energy shot.

The Bazi All Natural Energy Shot stands alone as the only Energy Drink willing to state that it is free of all banned substances as outlined by the World Doping Association (WADA).


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- All-Natural, no preservatives
- Sweetened with organic cane
- Less sugars - only 6 grams per svg.
- Superior ORAC value over other energy or fruit shots (per 2 oz. svg.)
- Naturally energizes (no artificial chemical overload, i.e. less caffeine; less sugar)
- Healthy fuel (no crash and burn; non addictive)
- No warning label (it’s safe)
- Great complement to an active lifestyle, not an unhealthy, artificial fix
- Low calorie, only 40 calories per shot
- New easy open bottle (no pesky paper seal)