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This Valentine's Day we are kicking off a special promotion - ALL New Autoship orders for Bazi placed this week will receive FREE Shipping for the life of the autoship! That means that if you have been off of autoship and you have been reluctant...

Part Three of the Phyto-8 Series
hero-fruitPomegranate- It was “wonderful” before all the mainstream marketing! Long known as the "Fruit of Royalty,” pomegranate has generated tremendous interest in the scientific community due to its unique phytonutrient content. Before everyone thought the only way to get pomegranate was from those cute, curvy bottles it was revered for generations in cultures around the world. I do have to thank the strong marketing behind pomegranate, though, since most folks are now aware of the healthy properties of this awesome fruit. One note on pomegranate, if you’ve ever tried to eat one you’ll understand how getting it in a form other than picking out those tiny red seeds is a godsend. That is one messy fruit, my friends.
Part 2 of the Phyto-8 Series
One of the few fruits which are native to North America, blueberries are rich in vitamin C, phytonutrients known as “anthocyanins” and other antioxidants. Research into blueberries’ relationship to optimal health suggest that they may play roles in diminishing one’s risk for heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and even osteoporosis. Blueberries have become the darling of the media and health/medical communities for their powerful benefits they provide, and here are several of the latest studies to underscore their benefits:  
Journal of Nutrition “Bioactives in Blueberries Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Obese, Insulin-Resistant Men and Women”
Part one of the Phyto-8 series
Over the next few weeks I’m going to go a bit in-depth on the eight superfruits we use in Bazi. I’m not going in any particular order of the fruits, I just write as the whim hits me.  I hope this series helps you understand a bit better why I feel so proud of Bazi; it really is in a class all its own.
Let's talk Goji!
The goji berry, (lycium barbarum for us geeks) is a superfruit native to the southeastern parts of Europe and Asia, and is also known as wolfberry.  Since it’s not native to our soil, and most consumers have never even heard of it, we wanted to make sure you understand why it’s one of the Phyto8 Blend in Bazi. We didn’t pick it because of its cool name, we used it because it’s chock full of nutrients that most of us aren’t getting in our daily diets.
If you’re reading this, thank a trucker!

How many times have you passed an 18 wheeler on the freeway (or had one pass you) and wondered what they were carrying and where they were going? Did you ever think about the driver inside the cab? How does he/she do it? Try driving for 10 hours...

Elite athletes are beginning to turn away from supplements.

It makes sense, after numerous public scandals with elite and pro athletes getting caught in the quagmire of tainted supplements, many are now starting to shy away from using them altogether. According to findings published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, supplement use...

Why didn’t they suggest Bazi?

David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding (can someone explain the “with” part to me?) recently listed their choices for Worst energy drinks, gels and shots on Yahoo Health. They also presented what they considered healthy alternatives for each of the categories. I have no argument with all of the...

Dr Oz would make a great Bazi spokesperson!

Dr Oz recently ran a segment on the dangers of the various energy drinks and shots on the market, and, to be honest, his presentation was dead-on with how we feel here at Bazi. We agree with Dr. Oz that these drinks and shots rely on way too much...