If you’re reading this, thank a trucker!


08 Apr If you’re reading this, thank a trucker!

How many times have you passed an 18 wheeler on the freeway (or had one pass you) and wondered what they were carrying and where they were going? Did you ever think about the driver inside the cab? How does he/she do it? Try driving for 10 hours at a time, day in and day out, and see how hard it is to do. These folks work hard and earn every penny while out on those interstates. Chances are that most of the things you own or eat were transported at one time or another by a trucker. In fact, nearly 70% of all transported freight in the US is done by truck!

I was lucky enough to spend three days in Louisville, KY at the Mid-America Truck Show and hand out nearly 8000 samples of Bazi to attendees. It’s no secret that we’ve incorporated a concerted effort to market to truckers; since they consume a lot of energy products and caffeine but statistically are some of the unhealthiest adults in the US.
We got a chance to speak with drivers about the challenges they face on the job and learned that they do want healthier choices at the truck stops and to improve their overall health. For the vast majority of the drivers what’s accessible is limited to what’s at fuel stops. Their world is based around Pilot or Love’s or TA, and if the truck stop doesn’t have it, they probably won’t use it. It was great for us to expose drivers to the healthy option of Bazi and to make the effort to purchase it from 7-11 or order directly from us. What touched me was the sincere concern over the drivers’ health from spouses, since, most of the time, it was the wives who would ask the detailed questions about the advantages of Bazi.
We shared our booth with the American Association of Professional Drivers, which is another group dedicated to the health and welfare of drivers and their families. Also in attendance was Healthy Trucking Association of America  (I’ve blogged about this great org before). The growth of health-based products and services specific to truckers is a segment which is gaining rapid momentum and both of these organizations are at the forefront of the trend.
I’m challenging all the truck stop chains to dedicate a healthy products section for the drivers in order to give the drivers alternatives to the usual fare. If you go to any of the big chain truck stops, ask for their healthy choice section. If enough of us want the change it will happen. Let’s do what we can to support the drivers. They truly are the backbone of our economy.
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