Dr Oz would make a great Bazi spokesperson!


16 Mar Dr Oz would make a great Bazi spokesperson!

Dr Oz recently ran a segment on the dangers of the various energy drinks and shots on the market, and, to be honest, his presentation was dead-on with how we feel here at Bazi.

We agree with Dr. Oz that these drinks and shots rely on way too much caffeine (listed on the label and hidden amounts) to provide the consumer with a short burst of energy. As he pointed out, caffeine in moderation is perfectly safe and even has positive health benefits, but in excess can lead to a myriad of health issues.
Secondly, many of these drinks include ingredients which may be risky to one’s health. His nutritionist mentioned hidden or unknown ingredients in many products which have little or no history of safe use in humans. We agree, and that’s why we list everything in Bazi and you’ll see that it contains only ingredients which have proven safe histories of use in humans.
He accurately stated that the FDA has a suggested caffeine limit of 400 mg per day; some energy products could exceed that amount in 1 to 2 servings. With Bazi, one serving provides a TOTAL (no hidden amounts in any other ingredients) of 80 mg of naturally-sourced caffeine. That’s equal to about a cup of coffee.
I’m going to sound like a broken record here because I’ve said this before on my post regarding children and caffeine, Anyway, the similarity between Bazi and every other energy product ends with caffeine. We take a proactive approach to energy by giving the body what it needs to naturally energize through phytonutrients, optimal amounts of vitamins and trace minerals. I wish his nutritionist knew about Bazi because I’m convinced she would have recommended it as a healthy alternative.
We also have our tongue-in-cheek version of energy drink intervention with our Bazi support group.  We’re not making fun of something that can be a serious issue, but we do know that most can relate to one of the group members.
Let’s all contact Dr. Oz and tell him about Bazi. I’d like for him to be aware of our healthy alternative and hopefully he’ll share it with his fans.
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