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Bazi News

The Top Five Marathon Recovery Tips

After finishing something as monumental as a marathon, your body is going to be quite fatigued.  It’s simply not the tiredness you’ll feel an hour or two post-run, it’s the deep core fatigue that often transpires days after the event.  Add on top of that...

Concentrate on Basic Nutrition

It’s simply in our nature to seek out the latest and most popular of items and nutritional supplements are no exception.  We are bombarded daily about the latest and greatest supplement, and many of us scramble to the nearest health food store to purchase the...

The Concept of Pro-Active Power

We’ve all been there, tired and dragging and still have hours to go before we finish with work, studying or a long drive. Coffee is traditionally what we reach for, but now there’s a plethora of energy products from which to choose. Whether they are in a...

Feeling Blue? Bazi May Help!

No it’s not a claim for a cure, so for those from the FTC checking out my blog and waiting for me to slip up, you’re wasting your time with this one. The point of this post is that there is new data to suggest that...