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Bazi News

Sprouting for a Healthy Diet

Did you know that the nuts you eat are actually in a dormant stage? In this stage, the nuts contain enzyme inhibitors which are meant to protect the nutritional value of the seed. Eating seeds in the dormant stage prevents the digestion of the seed...

Vitamin D Could Spell A Happier Birth

A new study has found that vitamin D  could play a role in preventing  early-onset severe preeclampsia in pregnant women. Preeclampsia is a syndrome marked by a sudden increase in blood pressure and a buildup of protein in the urine due to stress on the kidneys. Early-onset...

Sometimes It’s Easier To Be Green

A group of researchers at Mayo Clinc found that green tea extract has kept cancer in check in a majority of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) patients who used it in a phase II clinical trial. These findings are the latest in a series of Mayo...

Go Go Goji Berry!

Go Go Goji berry!   The goji berry, lycium barbarum,  is a superfruit native to the southeastern parts of Europe and Asia. Other common names are “the Duke of Argyll’s Tea Tree”, because The Duke of Argyll introduced the plant into the United Kingdom in the 1730s, and “matrimony vine.” Goji berries...

So, Duh!

Most us drink soda because of how crisp and refreshing the gaseous liquid makes us feel. However, when we actually break down what happens to our bodies after guzzling a soda, I’m sure most of us will be having a change of heart. After downing a...

AMA Pro Bike Racer Josh Galster

Please welcome the newest BAZI powered athlete AMA Pro Bike Racer Josh Galster!  This is his third AMA Pro season and we’re stoked to follow Josh as he tears it up on the track! Josh Galster is a WERA and MRA multi-class Champion, a graduate of...

Vitamin B(AZI)

Vitamin D has long been considered the “go to” vitamin for fighting depression. However, a new study published in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that for every 10 mg increase in B6 and every 10 mcg increase in B12 decreases the risk of developing symptoms...

Canada’s Caffeine Criticism

A new Canadian report is warning against the dangers of energy drinks. Editors at the Canadian Medical Associated Journal are voicing their concerns over the heavy use of highly caffeinated energy drinks among kids and teens. The editors are arguing that the energy drinks have crossed...

Digest Weakly

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What happens when that stomach is unable to break down foods properly? Fortunately, for those that suffer from digestive issues, great tips exist to help your intestines gut it out. Aside from taking...

Nap Time Isn’t Just for Kindergarten

The next time you fall asleep at the office, brush off your supervisor’s disgust and tell him you were trying to be as productive as possible. A Harvard Medical School study showed that a simple 45 minute nap improves memory and learning abilities. Likewise, pilots...