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Bazi News

BAZI Accolades

After awarding loads of BAZI Badges, it's refreshing to win one for a change. BAZI is proud to report that we've won aCaffeine A Holic 2010 Award for the category: Best Energy Shot! Energy drinks might be everywhere but energy shots are also sold in most places....

Meet Bob

Are you an energy addict or caffeine junkie? Then join Energy-A-Holics, Bob’s support group. This is a safe place where a few brave energy addicts share courageous stories of their struggles with energy drink addiction. You’re not alone. Join the recovery movement! BAZI is supporting energy...

Consider This Your Recovery

Unhealthy, caloric, hyper-caffeinated energy drinks have taken hold of the American public. Millions of honest, hardworking Americans need these synthetic energy fixes just to get through the day. Energy addiction is a serious matter. This country is at-risk for a nationwide blackout. Luckily, a team of...


Well folks, this is it. The last day of 2010. As you celebrate with friends and family, it is important to think about resolutions that will help you grow in the next year. Did you know that the New Year's Resolution tradition goes back to...

Vitamin B: Safe

This blog post was inspired by Addicted 2 Energy's question regarding our stance on vitamin B. Thanks Avery! His question: What exactly is with the "safe amount of b vitamins" doesn't anyone know that excess b vitamins leave the body? We are often asked about B vitamins, specifically...

Jonesin’ For Jujube

Did you know that BAZI is the only energy drink to contain Jujube? No, not those little over-priced chewy candies that rest next to the nonpareils at the movies. I'm talking about the nutritious Chinese fruit that has been cultivated for over 4000 years. How's...

My Favorite Things

8 superfruits, a Phyto8 Blend Healthy nutrition that help your workouts extend Red cylinder shots with sealed freshness rings BAZI is one of my favorite things All day energy with minimum caffeine No crash or jitters, the ultra-endurance cuisine An ORAC value unmatched by other energy "kings" BAZI is one of my...

Deck The Halls With BAZItivity

Priorities are sometimes lost in the shuffle of day-to-day life. We are all guilty of not calling a certain relative once a week, cleaning our living space, or even writing in a blog as much as we'd like (yes my hand is raised on that...

Flashing Through the Snow

BUY ONE GET ONE 6-PACK! Say goodbye to 2010. What better way to ring in a healthy New Year then by giving away healthy fuel for your mind and body. We’re offering a special holiday Buy One 6-Pack Get One 6-Pack Free Sale. Our Sale is Live!! Hurry...

Keep Sending Us Badge-Worthy Articles

BAZI would like to thank everyone whose been sending in great articles worthy of the BAZI Badges. Keep 'em coming! Send any article you find to energy@bazienergy.com. Remember, the article should be about someone doing something Bold, Brilliant, Positive (BAZItivity), Ballin', or No-Bull. If we...