Can’t fly around the world to collect the best superfruits? Grab a Bazi instead.


13 Apr Can’t fly around the world to collect the best superfruits? Grab a Bazi instead.

Now that gas is over $4.00 per gallon, and those of you who share the pain with me in driving a gas guzzler are probably looking for areas to save some money, any money, anywhere.

Enter Bazi. We preach all about Bazi’s energy attributes all the time, and how it’s really the only truly healthy energy shot out there. What I’ve been lacking in my blog is how it saves you time and money.
Think about the cost in time and money of shopping for and preparing your meals. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying Bazi is a replacement for a healthy diet, but I am pointing out the fact that the cost of a Bazi shot is a lot less than if you tried to hunt down all of the superfruits and prepare them. In fact, there are rural areas that one wouldn’t even be able to purchase several of the exotic fruits found in Bazi. Think about it, not only does Bazi provide energy, it provides seriously good nutrition that is convenient as well as an incredible value. One shot of Bazi is equal to an entire cup (that’s one serving/8oz) of the mixed superfruits that it’s made from.  One serving of mixed superfruits packs a LOT more nutritional punch than an equal serving of apples, bananas, orange and any other fruit typical fruit salad.    Isn’t that why they are called superfruits?  Anyway, Bazi is a great method to supplement your fruit intake regardless of where you live or how you eat.
That’s what makes Bazi so cool, we didn’t just make the blend from fruit that was commonly known and used here in the US, we made sure to use those which were difficult to find domestically AND provided unequaled nutritional punch. For example, we know that Goji is native to much of Asia and has been a staple in the diet for thousands of years. Same goes for Jujube. Try and find either one of those fresh fruits in your local supermarket or health food store. Even with the domestically sourced fruit in Bazi, it’s tough to beat our value.   It’s easy to pay over $5.00 for a basket of blueberries and raspberries. I didn’t even add the time and expense of traveling to and from the store(s) to get everything. Plus, how many of you have bought baskets of blueberries, raspberries or strawberries only to throw most of it out a week later because you never ate it?
Nutritionists will want to blast me, but it’s very easy to sit in an ivory tower and tell folks how they SHOULD be eating and exercising. I, however, live in the real world along with the rest of you and I understand the challenges we all face in meeting healthy eating goals. If there is a product, such as Bazi, that helps me get a bit closer to an optimal diet, I’m going to embrace it. Meal replacement drinks are perfect examples. They combine science, technology and consumer needs and provide a product that contains many of the components of a well prepared and nutritionally diverse meal, but it helps those who wouldn’t otherwise prepare one. I don’t see a downside here with this train of thought.
Make sure you do make every effort to eat a well balanced and nutritionally diverse diet. But, to give your body as many nutritional options as possible, use Bazi every single day not only for it’s energy properties, but because it gives your body a multitude of nutrients it needs to be its very best.
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