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Meet Bob

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Are you an energy addict or caffeine junkie? Then join Energy-A-Holics, Bob’s support group. This is a safe place where a few brave energy addicts share courageous stories of their struggles with energy drink addiction. You’re not alone. Join the recovery movement!

BAZI is supporting energy addicts the only way we know how: By providing as much healthy, nutritious energy as we can!

We want to help rehabilitate all the unhealthy energy addicts out there. Any energy-a-holic willing to make the switch to an energy shot without the crash and burn has the great opportunity to do so with our Buy One 12-Pack Get One Free Recovery Sale!

Bob was kind enough to write a poem about his Energy-A-Holic meeting:

Give me your tired, your crashing,
Your wired masses yearning to energize healthily,
The addicted junkies of your caffeinated shore.
Send these, the sugary, chemical lovers to me,
I lift my 12-Pack beside the 8 superfruit door!


Consider This Your Recovery

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Unhealthy, caloric, hyper-caffeinated energy drinks have taken hold of the American public. Millions of honest, hardworking Americans need these synthetic energy fixes just to get through the day. Energy addiction is a serious matter. This country is at-risk for a nationwide blackout.

Luckily, a team of scientists have developed an answer to this addiction. They discovered that a healthy sustainable surge of energy could be created by combining the nutritional powers of 8 superfruits. Sourced from exotic locations across the globe, these wonder berries are the only thing that can stop energy addiction from crashing our country.

Become part of the healthy energy movement. The first step of rehabilitation is acceptance. Consider this yourrecovery.


Take the first step towards recovery with a healthy dose of energy from BAZI. This energy shot alternative is perfect for powering your essential energy needs. We’re offering a limited time only BUY ONE 12-PACK GET ONE FREE to all the energy-a-holics out there willing to make the switch to healthy energy!


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Well folks, this is it. The last day of 2010. As you celebrate with friends and family, it is important to think about resolutions that will help you grow in the next year. Did you know that the New Year’s Resolution tradition goes back to 153 BC?

During that time Janus, the mythical king of early Rome was placed in the beginning of the calendar. His two-faced image represented looking toward both the past and future. Because of this, Janus became the ancient symbol for resolutions. Typical Roman resolutions looked to amend past disputes with enemies.

Today, resolutions are more personal. Here’s the top 10 resolutions from Associated Content‘s list of the top 20 New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. 1. Lose Weight
  2. 2. Quit Smoking
  3. 3. Stop Drinking
  4. 4. Get a Better Job
  5. 5. Get Married
  6. 6. Go on Vacation
  7. 7. Save Money or Get Out of Debt
  8. 8. Buy a House
  9. 9. Find a Lost Love or Family Member
  10. 10. Have a Child or Start a Family

BAZI would like to know what your New Year’s resolutions are. Simply share with us your resolution on our Facebook Wall and you automatically qualify for our 6-Pack giveaway!