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Male Bloating Syndrome

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MBS is a serious problem. To determine if you suffer from MBS, please answer the following questions.

  1. Are you often fatigued?
  2. Suffer from physical deficiencies?
  3. Do you have difficulty communicating?
  4. Exceptionally gassy?

If you said yes to all these questions you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from energy drink induced male bloating syndrome. Thankfully there’s a cure. Simply discontinue drinking sugary, carbonated energy drinks.

Our recovery Buy One Get One 12-Pack Sale will put you back on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Take advantage of our sale by using the coupon code: RECOVERY.


Be Healthy. Be BAZI.

Energy Addiction Goes Mainstream

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Always known for bringing serious causes to the public eye, Family Guy’s most recent episode chimes in on the destructive behavior that synthetic energy drink addiction causes. In the episode, a hyper-addicted Peter Griffin is shut off from his Red Bull fix by his wife. Rather than get over his addiction by means of a healthy energy drink, Peter’s dependency causes him to make a seriously bad decision. He creates his own energy drink made out of kerosene. Needless to say, all sorts of failure ensures – specifically from his kidneys.

Energy Addiction is no laughing matter. That’s why BAZI has created support groups for Energy-A-Holics. What we’ve managed to understand about severe energy addiction is that the dangers stemmed from the drink’s ultra-caffeinated, chemical laced ingredients. When we replaced the source of energy with healthy, nutritious, 8-superfruit powered drinks, the addicts began to improve.

That’s why BAZI is throwing a 12-Pack BOGO for anyone who uses the coupon code: RECOVERY.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t be like Peter Griffin. Don’t be an Energy-A-Holic. Get healthy. Get BAZI.

BAZI Accolades

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After awarding loads of BAZI Badges, it’s refreshing to win one for a change. BAZI is proud to report that we’ve won aCaffeine A Holic 2010 Award for the category: Best Energy Shot!

Energy drinks might be everywhere but energy shots are also sold in most places. In 2010 I got to try many energy shots and was impressed by most. The award for the 2010 Best Energy Shot goes to BAZI.

As much as we love Caffeine A Holic’s kind words we also have a space in our hearts for a great Roast – which is exactly what Screaming Energy did.
Some great highlights:

“Hello again, this is Jason with Screaming Energy dot com. Bazi is a new ‘healthy’ 2oz. energy shot containing 8 ‘superfruits’, 12 vitamins and trace minerals, but I’m not sure which temporarily stains the skin Oompa-Loompa orange. I have no idea if I’m pronouncing ‘Bazi’ correctly, could be pronounced Bayzi or Bazzi, truth-be-told, I don’t care.”

“Bazi smells and tastes like something you would expect to discharge from a Juice Tiger. Of the 8 superfruits, I was aware of the existence of 5: pomegranate, blueberry, acai, raspberry and goji berry. Goji Berry is what I assumed gave Stephen Seagal’s Lightning Bolt energy drinks that distinct ‘molasses and dishwater’ flavor. Bazi also contains Jujube, Mangosteen and Seabuckthorn, which, to me, sound like made up names of herbs used in high level World of Warcraft troll rep reward alchemy recipes.”

For the record Jason, it’s pronounced Bah-Zee. All of the 8 superfruits are very real and very healthy!