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Insulting Consumer Intelligence

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I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve been involved in the health and nutrition for a “few” years and that my BS Detector is decently developed. I can usually figure out if a product is bogus or not with just a bit of info on it. But what really chaps my hide is the drivel marketers come out with to support a crappy product and try to spin it as good for you.

For example, no names mentioned, but, a certain company is currently running a campaign on how some of the ingredients in their product (which carries a warning label, btw) are also found in healthy foods like bananas and carrots. That’s like saying an atomic bomb uses reactive core materials which are also found in lifesaving equipment like MRI and CAT scan machines, so it must be okay.
Am I the only one insulted here? Do they think that having over 8000% of the DV for vitamin B12 can be negated by pointing out and saying, “Well, B12 IS found in healthy foods”?
I’ll be the first one to stand up and say that the DV are not really enough for optimal health, but when a product provides the B12 equivalent of 1300 egg yolks (one of the best food sources of B12), something is askew. As the old saying goes, “the dose dictates the poison” and in this case I believe it rings true.
I’m off my soapbox now, but don’t let the marketing spin get to you. When it comes to your health, that marketing guru won’t be there for you when your health fails due to a dangerous product. Use your good judgment when choosing nutritional products, and if something carries a warning label, no matter how much they tell you it’s full of good things from nature, it’s probably not best for your health.

Going The Extra Mile

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You already go the extra mile in your workout routine. Does your passion and drive for excellence carry over when it comes to nutrition? We understand that other energy shots are more convenient to purchase. Heck, they’re located in convenience stores. You have to ask yourself if the ease of purchase is worth ingesting a drink whose ingredients are crafted in quarantined labs by scientists with plastic coats and chemistry goggles?

Don’t let ordering online stop you from healthy, nutritious, of the earth energy. We want to fuel your next great achievement. Go the extra mile.

“But I want the energy shots now! BAZI takes a few days to ship. :O(.”

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Read The Label

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BAZI has your health in mind at all times. We are 100% committed to giving you the most nutritious product we can. Can you say that about other companies? Some energy drinks write on their website, ” [Our drinks] are synthetically produced by pharmaceutical companies. This guarantees the highest quality.” Oh really? Does that make sense to you? This synthetic manufacturing process seems to be a trend in today’s Food Industry.

Have you heard about the Taco Bell lawsuit? A law firm in Alabama claims that Taco Bell beef only contains 36% actually meet. I will share with you the claimed ingredient list (Note: If you have a weak stomach or are eating something delicious skip this blog post!).

  •  Beef: Horray! Beef. Real ingredients are swell like sunshine in winter. However, this is only 36%. The other 64% is made up of…
  •  Water: Well if there wasn’t any water it would just be dehydrated beef.
  •  Isolated Oat Product: Apparently this is used a meat extender. At least oat is something I’m familiar with.
  •  Salt: A classic seasoning. No qualms here.
  •  Chili Pepper: Equally satisfying as a preservative and band.
  •  Onion Powder: Not much to say about Onion Powder.
  •  Tomato Powder: See onion powder.
  •  Oats: At least they’re not isolated and sad.
  •  Soy Lecithin: This is a wetting agent.
  •  Sugar: Ain’t no thang but a sweet beef…. thang.
  •  Spices: The variety of foods.
  •  Maltodextrin: A corn-based sweetener.
  •  Soybean Oil: Happy Happy Soy Soy!
  •  Garlic Powder: Vampires beware!
  •  Autolyzed Yeast Extract: From what I hear this is a cheap substitute for MSG. Great, just what I need – the Kirkland brand of MSG.
  •  Citric Acid: A meat tenderizer. The more you know!
  •  Caramel Color: Nothing says beef like the color of candy!
  •  Cocoa Powder: I Love Cocoa!
  •  Silicon Dioxide: The last time I saw silicon dioxide it was in a box of new shoes.
  •  Natural Flavors: You know they had to sneak in “natural” somewhere.
  •  Yeast: So the beef can rise in the oven!
  •  Modified Corn Starch: Boy this list is getting long.
  •  Natural Smoke Flavor: Why not just use actual smoke?
  •  Salt: The first dash wasn’t enough?
  •  Sodium Phosphate: Another meat preservative.


It’s unfortunate that Taco Bell doesn’t have a nutritional label on their foods. However, in the energy drink department you’re in luck. Check the labels and make an informed decision. In my case I’d drink something that is born in the earth and not in the lab.