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Dr Oz would make a great Bazi spokesperson!

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Dr Oz recently ran a segment on the dangers of the various energy drinks and shots on the market, and, to be honest, his presentation was dead-on with how we feel here at Bazi.

We agree with Dr. Oz that these drinks and shots rely on way too much caffeine (listed on the label and hidden amounts) to provide the consumer with a short burst of energy. As he pointed out, caffeine in moderation is perfectly safe and even has positive health benefits, but in excess can lead to a myriad of health issues.
Secondly, many of these drinks include ingredients which may be risky to one’s health. His nutritionist mentioned hidden or unknown ingredients in many products which have little or no history of safe use in humans. We agree, and that’s why we list everything in Bazi and you’ll see that it contains only ingredients which have proven safe histories of use in humans.
He accurately stated that the FDA has a suggested caffeine limit of 400 mg per day; some energy products could exceed that amount in 1 to 2 servings. With Bazi, one serving provides a TOTAL (no hidden amounts in any other ingredients) of 80 mg of naturally-sourced caffeine. That’s equal to about a cup of coffee.
I’m going to sound like a broken record here because I’ve said this before on my post regarding children and caffeine, Anyway, the similarity between Bazi and every other energy product ends with caffeine. We take a proactive approach to energy by giving the body what it needs to naturally energize through phytonutrients, optimal amounts of vitamins and trace minerals. I wish his nutritionist knew about Bazi because I’m convinced she would have recommended it as a healthy alternative.
We also have our tongue-in-cheek version of energy drink intervention with our Bazi support group.  We’re not making fun of something that can be a serious issue, but we do know that most can relate to one of the group members.
Let’s all contact Dr. Oz and tell him about Bazi. I’d like for him to be aware of our healthy alternative and hopefully he’ll share it with his fans.

Bazi at the Healthy Trucking Association of America 2011 Summit

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It’s not an oxymoron, there are health-minded truck drivers out there and the movement to change their overall health and habits has become a critical issue for both owners and health care providers alike. I was honored to represent Bazi at the HTAA annual health summit.

Statistically, truck drivers have some of the worst health and highest rates of obesity of any occupation in the US, and, obviously, healthcare costs for them are accordingly higher. It’s not so simple, however, as getting them to be healthier to reduce costs; truckers must pass a yearly DOT physical test. If diagnosed with certain lifestyle diseases and even sleep apnea they cannot work. Not being able to drive means no income for the driver, no goods delivered for the trucking companies and no food on your table or new TV on your wall!
Bazi was honored to be invited to the fairly new, but rapidly growing summit. Not only were trucking companies represented, but international health care companies, national drug store chains and weight loss clinics were sponsors. The two days were filled with presentations, events and even a small expo where the attendees could “cross pollinate” with ideas from their individual industries. As usual Bazi garnered a ton of interest because everyone is interested in having more energy and getting it in a healthy manner.
Bazi wants to be the healthy energy drink of choice for the drivers. It’s no secret these folks love their caffeine, and getting them to stop drinking energy drinks, soft drinks and unhealthy energy shots is a tall order. But Bazi is asking drivers to substitute one energy product a day for a shot of Bazi. Not only will they get the energy they need to get through their shift, but all the healthy in nutrients in Bazi will provide them with healthy nutrients we know they cannot get at the vast majority of truck stops. Hopefully, the health of drivers will start to turn around and we believe that Bazi will play a pivotal part in this critial change.

Energy drinks and children

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The phone was ringing off the hook yesterday here at Bazi World HQ with the news of the latest review of energy drink in the medical journal, Pediatrics.

 The news wasn’t positive, adolescents consume too many of these drinks and the calories consumed are “empty” of nutrients for healthy growth that would normally be found in nutritious foods. They replace milk as beverages, thus negatively impacting critical calcium intake, and nearly half of caffeine overdose cases in ages 19 and below (2007 data) were from energy drinks.  Many use ingredients that have no long-term history of safe use, and the list went on and on. Bottom line, they considered energy drinks as something that our children shouldn’t consume.
As one who makes his living in the world of nutrition, I’d have to agree that energy drinks are probably not the best choice for children. However, also being a parent I know that whatever is popular, good for you or not, is going to always win out with the kids. I also believe the occasional soft drink or sugary beverage IN CONJUNCTION with an otherwise healthy lifestyle is of inconsequential risk. Like anything else, when they are abused is when the issues arise.
How does all of the affect Bazi? Not one iota. Yes, Bazi is an energy product and yes it contains a safe amount of caffeine (about the same as a cup of coffee). In fact, unlike the vast majority of energy products out there we are up front with the exact amount of caffeine in Bazi so you or parents can make an informed choice. How many other companies are that honest about their ingredients?
Anyway, the similarity between Bazi and every other energy product ends with caffeine. Bazi provides a concentrated amount of vitamins, trace minerals and phytonutrients from its exclusive Phyto8 Blend of eight superfruits that no other energy product can match. Instead of empty calories, the 64 calories in one shot of Bazi is so nutrient dense you won’t fine any single fruit or fruit juice that can match its nutritional punch. It does not increase one’s risk of diabetes, obesity or heart disease. In fact, it’s just the opposite; the ingredients in Bazi may decrease one’s risk from those lifestyle diseases. Bazi is so far ahead of the curve that all the other companies out there better start scrambling to try and catch up.
In the end it’s the parents’ responsibility to monitor what their children consume. At Bazi we provide the facts so the parent can make an informed decision on whether Bazi is right for their children or not.  Regardless of their decision, we will always support the decision of the parents.