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Concentrate on Basic Nutrition

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It’s simply in our nature to seek out the latest and most popular of items and nutritional supplements are no exception.  We are bombarded daily about the latest and greatest supplement, and many of us scramble to the nearest health food store to purchase the newest wonder product. Even though “dehydrated albino goat hair” may be all the rage; it may provide little benefit if your body isn’t getting its total nutritional needs met.

Before you use and consume targeted nutritional products such anti-aging, detox or performance-enhancing supplements, make sure your basic nutritional needs are met first. It’s a lot like playing a sport or musical instrument; you can’t reach the highest levels without first mastering and practicing the fundamentals.  Optimum nutrition is no different; it’s a lifetime, daily commitment.

Analyze your diet to make sure you taking in (consistently) not only basic vitamins and minerals, but also omega-3 fatty acids, carotenoids, flavonoids, allium compounds and other nutrients that you will find in colorful fruits and vegetables.  Once your diet is optimal, then focus on specific nutrients for specific needs and goals.  Look at it this way, if you spend your hard-earned money on supplements for a specific purpose, you want to make sure they have maximum effect and don’t go to waste.

The Concept of Pro-Active Power

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We’ve all been there, tired and dragging and still have hours to go before we finish with work, studying or a long drive. Coffee is traditionally what we reach for, but now there’s a plethora of energy products from which to choose. Whether they are in a pill, beverage or a shot, they all claim to provide the same effect. Energy!

Where the problem lies is in the root of our lack of energy, or more accurately, the sluggish feeling that most experience during certain parts of the day.

Most of us think that we’re tired from lack of sleep or maybe pushing ourselves too hard both mentally and physically (which is often true), but, for arguably the majority of people, we’re tired from a combination of not enough rest and lack of proper nutrition.

Instead of reaching for a sugary, caffeine-laden drink that does nothing but “overdrive” your body into a temporary energized state and then a crash, wouldn’t it be better to fuel your body with the nutrients that it needs to always feel energetic and ready to go?

That’s why we formulated Bazi; we saw the lack of proper nutrition for most people and wanted to provide them with a delicious, easy manner to receive critical nutrients. We see Bazi as the next step in the evolution of energy products because it addresses the root and not simply masks the symptoms or provides a short-lived “fix.”

Bazi is much more than a vitamin and trace mineral product (although it contains an optimal blend of both), its exclusive Phyto8 Blend of phytonutrients from 8 different super fruits provides your body with the nutrients it needs, but doesn’t always receive.

Keep in mind, good, comprehensive nutrition is more than getting your DV of vitamins and minerals. There are hundreds of other nutrients which play critical roles in your health and ultimately your energy levels. Optimum nutrition equals optimum energy levels. It’s really that simple.

Feeling Blue? Bazi May Help!

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No it’s not a claim for a cure, so for those from the FTC checking out my blog and waiting for me to slip up, you’re wasting your time with this one.

The point of this post is that there is new data to suggest that low levels of vitamin D may be related to depression, and Bazi is an excellent source of vitamin D.
According to a recent study published in Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, adults with chronically low levels of vitamin D have higher rates of depression than those with normal or elevated levels. The authors suggested that individuals diagnosed with depression also have their vitamin D status tested, in order to rule out any vitamin deficiencies.
This is just one example of the incredible benefits of vitamin D, and, in my opinion, we are just learning about the many roles vitamin D plays in overall health. Once thought to be simply a preventative for rickets, it’s now believed that the “Sunshine vitamin” plays roles in cardiovascular health and cognitive function as well as a host of other metabolic processes.
It was also believed that one could obtain enough vitamin D with about 15 minutes of daily sun exposure; since we can make it through conversion of sunlight on the skin. But data shows that many do not regularly get the minimum amount sunlight or are concerned with the health risks of too much sun exposure.
We also know that the current Daily Value of 400 IU is probably not enough for optimal health, and leading scientist are pushing to increase the minimum to 800 to over 1000 IU.
The problem is there is a considerable portion of the population who doesn’t get sufficient sunlight and/or regularly consume vitamin D-rich foods. Many of these folks aren’t even obtaining the current levels, let alone increased requirements.
That’s where Bazi can help. One serving of Bazi contains 100% (400 IU) of the DV for vitamin D. That means if you simply drink one 2oz Bazi Shot every day, you will receive along with the other 11 vitamins, trace minerals, and critical phytonutrients from our Phyto8 Blend, 800 IU of vitamin D. That’s an amount that’s right up there with what most health experts recommend.
And you thought Bazi was just for energy!