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Energy Addiction Goes Mainstream

Energy Addiction Goes Mainstream

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Always known for bringing serious causes to the public eye, Family Guy’s most recent episode chimes in on the destructive behavior that synthetic energy drink addiction causes. In the episode, a hyper-addicted Peter Griffin is shut off from his Red Bull fix by his wife. Rather than get over his addiction by means of a healthy energy drink, Peter’s dependency causes him to make a seriously bad decision. He creates his own energy drink made out of kerosene. Needless to say, all sorts of failure ensures – specifically from his kidneys.

Energy Addiction is no laughing matter. That’s why BAZI has created support groups for Energy-A-Holics. What we’ve managed to understand about severe energy addiction is that the dangers stemmed from the drink’s ultra-caffeinated, chemical laced ingredients. When we replaced the source of energy with healthy, nutritious, 8-superfruit powered drinks, the addicts began to improve.

That’s why BAZI is throwing a 12-Pack BOGO for anyone who uses the coupon code: RECOVERY.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t be like Peter Griffin. Don’t be an Energy-A-Holic. Get healthy. Get BAZI.