Bazi at the Healthy Trucking Association of America 2011 Summit


10 Mar Bazi at the Healthy Trucking Association of America 2011 Summit

It’s not an oxymoron, there are health-minded truck drivers out there and the movement to change their overall health and habits has become a critical issue for both owners and health care providers alike. I was honored to represent Bazi at the HTAA annual health summit.

Statistically, truck drivers have some of the worst health and highest rates of obesity of any occupation in the US, and, obviously, healthcare costs for them are accordingly higher. It’s not so simple, however, as getting them to be healthier to reduce costs; truckers must pass a yearly DOT physical test. If diagnosed with certain lifestyle diseases and even sleep apnea they cannot work. Not being able to drive means no income for the driver, no goods delivered for the trucking companies and no food on your table or new TV on your wall!
Bazi was honored to be invited to the fairly new, but rapidly growing summit. Not only were trucking companies represented, but international health care companies, national drug store chains and weight loss clinics were sponsors. The two days were filled with presentations, events and even a small expo where the attendees could “cross pollinate” with ideas from their individual industries. As usual Bazi garnered a ton of interest because everyone is interested in having more energy and getting it in a healthy manner.
Bazi wants to be the healthy energy drink of choice for the drivers. It’s no secret these folks love their caffeine, and getting them to stop drinking energy drinks, soft drinks and unhealthy energy shots is a tall order. But Bazi is asking drivers to substitute one energy product a day for a shot of Bazi. Not only will they get the energy they need to get through their shift, but all the healthy in nutrients in Bazi will provide them with healthy nutrients we know they cannot get at the vast majority of truck stops. Hopefully, the health of drivers will start to turn around and we believe that Bazi will play a pivotal part in this critial change.
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